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If you are need a new Lexus key replacement 24hr, Locksmith For Automotive in Houston Texas USA is a dedicated car locksmith company providing Lexus key replacement locksmith service, keyless entry, remote starter, OEM or universal flip keys, make, duplicate, cut and program, ignition switch repair, car lock rekey, local locksmiths low cost call (866) 203-3231 24 hour to schedule an appointment with a technician and get your carkey today.

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We are a local car locksmith service in Houston TX Harris county and suburbs (Spring Valley, Hunters Creek Village, Southside Place, West University Place and Hilshire Village), as a local locksmith, your satisfaction and return business is fundamental and is our primary concern and we are striving to get the job done faster, better using only original auto parts and for less than any other nationwide locksmith company, the local Acura dealer or any other local locksmiths, our technicians are local residents of Braesview Terrace (Braesview Terrace/Braesmont Addition), George Bush International Airport (Airport), Fondren Park, Cunningham Terrace and College Court Place and can be with you fast providing mobile locksmith service in a place and time of car owners convenience place 24 hour a day. If you are located close to Hwy 6, 69 Hwy, Texas Southern University, Sharpstown Country Club, Dan Jones International Airport, David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Fannin St, Glenbrook Park Golf Course, Briar Branch or Melrose Park, give us a call to (866) 203-3231 now to get the fastest service in town.


Locksmith For Automotive is a locksmith company, fully-licensed and insured to work in Texas. Our technicians have more then 5 years of experience, which means they can cut car key, duplicate, replace accidentally misplaced, stuck and make new keys of any car type, under any condition anywhere in Houston TX, dial (866) 203-3231 for more info.


Like other vehicle manufacturers industry, Lexus started to use electronic key and lock systems to access and authorize usage on vehicle in the mid/late 90's, instead of the traditional old metal key, Lexus standardized a keyless remote fob. The Lexus Smart Key System was developed by Lexus to prevent car theft and to enable the driver to unlock, lock and start and stop the engine clicking buttons when the keyfob still in his pocket.

The first generation Lexus programmable transponder key programmed on-board procedure, while later Lexus vehicle requires a special diagnostic equipment. The first Lexus transponder key for LS 400 had no provision for duplicating keys when all keys are lost or left only with valet key, if owner lost the master key, the main computer of the car should be replaced, later models added the option to reset the immobilizer.

Today, there are two kinds of Lexus transponders, a traditional transponder chip with a metal blade and a smart key proximity keyless fob storing a mechanical key, whenever the fob battery is depleted or the entry function to the vehicle does not operate properly, the driver pull out the mechanical key.

Driver must carry the Lexus smart key in person when unlock/open the doors, back door and start the engine, to unlocj the door, driver grip the door handle making sure to cover the sensor in the back of the handle (must wait 3 seconds after the door is locked), to lock the door from the outside, driver only need to press the button on the front side of the handle,

If you have at least one master key, all L exus keys up to 2002 can be programmed using few simple on board steps procedure, from 2003 many Lexus models start to require a specific programmer for any kind of new Tyota key.

Before you are trying to get a Lexuss matching aftermarket keyblank online from ebay, you need to confirm your car factory installed keyless entry, Locksmith For Automotive can check this using the Lexus vehicle VIN number, supplies installation and replacement service for Lexus/Toyota smart keys, receiver, transmitters, entry ECU, immobilization system, we have universal and OEM factory remotes, cases, shells, covers and other accessories as well as the equipment for cutting, programming and reprogramming your spare remote fobs even if you lost all your keys.

Furthermore, if you have a broken sidewinder, intelligent or seitchblade flip key, can't push one of the buttons, your remote or buzzer problem or lost the key number plate and need a key maker, we have mobile locksmith workshop who can come and meet you anywhere around Houston TX to fix, copy or install remotes fob transmitter, clicker and wireless beepers, antenna, repair and rekey Lexus trunk, ignition and door lock, create master and valet keys and many more.

Locksmith For Automotive provide a complete Lexus key replacement service 24hr in Houston Texas, call (866) 203-3231 for car key cut and program, automotive lock rekey, keyless entry, remote fob, ignition repairs, local locksmith competitive cost Call now toll FREE to schedule an appointment with a Lexus locksmith in Houston Texas and surrounding to get your Lexus key cut and programmed.

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