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Ignition Switch Repair

If your ignition lock is hard to turn, wont turn in the switch or you have to jiggle the ket to get ignition to turn, don't wait for the car to stop in the middle of no where to use a tow service call (866) 203-3231 to schedule car ignition switch repair from Locksmith For Automotive in Sealy Texas today. Our mobile technician will be with you in 20 minute to fix or replace a wide selection of manufacturer years and model.

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As a local locksmith company in Sealy TX, our first priority is your satisfaction and return business, we train our technicians to focus on giving customers a better locksmithing experience for less then nationwide companies, the car dealership or any other Sealy's locksmith.


We are a local car locksmith service in Sealy TX Austin county and suburbs (San Felipe, Pattison, Wallis, Simonton and Bellville), as a local locksmith, your satisfaction and return business is fundamental and is our primary concern and we are striving to get the job done faster, better using only original auto parts and for less than any other nationwide locksmith company, the local Acora dealer or any other local locksmiths, our technicians are local residents of Sealy and can be with you fast providing mobile locksmith service in a place and time of car owners convenience place 24 hour a day. If you are located close to Clark Sky Ranch Airport, Eagle Lake Road, Mario's Flying Pizza Airport, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, FM 3013, Selman Elementary School, Sealy Police Department, University of Phoenix-Houston Campus, Brandes Air Field Airport or Willow River Farms, give us a call to (866) 203-3231 now to get the fastest service in town.


The Ignition switch consist of two devices in a car connected together, the first part is the tumbler assembly or the lock cylinder in which you insert the key, the second part is the electronic switch, seats behind the lock cylinder, but some cars might have this two parts in one unit.

The task of the ignition switch is to turn the engine on and off, to achieve this functions, the switch electric relay mechanism gear push's a flywheel. the security layer is done by the lock cylinder metal key pushing pins by the right point switching the electrical assembly on.

If your car won't start, it might be an ignition switch problem, but not necessary, this symptom share few other issues like dead car battery or bad starter coil. Check the battery and alternator with a voltmeter to verify output power. If the dashboard warning lights are on when you turn the key to the On position, it is most likeley an ignition switch problem.

There are a few reasons for your ignition to stop working: 1) A worn out keyfob / transponder - try a spare metal key if possible. 2) Steering wheel position - most cars required steering wheel is in a straight position to turn the switch and start the vehicle. 3) Broken connections - the wires that connect the tumbler assembly to the electrical ignition switch got disconnected. 4) Dirt accumulation - dust and corrosion might cause the ignition lock to get stuck, a clean up along with its lubrication might fix the problem.

From traditional keylock to electric lock, sometimes it is better to disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery and replace the whole ignition switch.

Instead of towing your vehicle to the dealership or to the mechanic, it is important to know that a mobile locksmith can save you a lot of money, Locksmith For Automotive provide car Car ignition switch repair in Sealy Texas, CALL (866) 203-3231 for mobile automotive locksmith 24hr with wide selection of new ignitions cylinder lock replacement and repairs services to most vehicles, locked, stuck cylinder lock, ECU tuning, program, reprogram, map, remap and flash car computers and remote starter Call Locksmith For Automotive now to schedule an appointment with one of our car ignition switch lock expert in the time and place convenient to you anywhere in Sealy TX and surroundings.

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